Preparing for Life Beyond the Classroom Walls
Free of the constraints of rigid class times and multi-layered scheduling to accommodate a large number of students and teachers, the Lighthouse of Learning is in the unique position of providing an education that emphasizes the basic skills, focuses importance on 21st Century learning, and yet offers enrichment in the area of liberal arts. Flexibility offers the opportunity for field trips, guest speakers, and participation in special topics of interest.
Social skills are another area of education that the Lighthouse of Learning emphasizes. Young adults need to learn how to respect everyone regardless of differences, and they need some hands-on experience with tasks and “chores” such as basic cooking, learning how to set a table, and learning the basics of household cleanup (from classroom to bathroom).
Required participation in community service activities, both school-directed and independently, helps students develop an appreciation for the community in which they live.
The end result is a student who is better prepared to handle the independence and higher-level thinking skills required of today’s young adults. Additionally, students learn personal and social responsibility.
The philosophy of the Lighthouse of Learning is that it is not the school’s responsibility to merely prepare the student for the next academic grade level; it is the school’s responsibility to prepare the student for life – life beyond the classroom walls.
Community Support
The Lighthouse of Learning welcomes support from the community. Students benefit from the volunteers who visit the school on a regular basis to share their knowledge and expertise. Some of the courses and topics offered by volunteer teachers include Spanish, public speaking, oral history projects, hands-on science, music, art, and improvised speaking/theater. Guest speakers are always welcome additions to the schedule. Additionally, financial contributions are welcome and tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please contact Judie Smith or Susan Maddox if you would like to help.