From the Director

The Lighthouse of Learning has become a dynamic educational center for not only the West Side of Charleston but also the Kanawha Valley. Students in Grades 5 through 12 discover learning is actually fun! The mission statement, “Individualized learning options because all students are individuals” is not just a statement but a living philosophy. All of the core academic subjects are taught at all levels, but the curriculum also includes art, music, school band, computer coding, physical education, Spanish, Latin, and gardening.
The Lighthouse is responsible for a community garden, and volunteers help the students maintain it. Students are also involved with the Golf Team.
High school students have the opportunity for existential learning/internships that include computer technology, animal care, and cooking/catering. Basically, if a student shows a talent for or interest in something, the Lighthouse of Learning director believes wholeheartedly that is is the school’s responsibility to provide the opportunity.
High school graduates receive a legitimate diploma that has been recognized at all of the colleges and universities that students have applied to, including West Virginia University, West Virginia Wesley, Davis & Elkins, Marshall University, West Virginia State University, and BridgeValley Community and Technical College. Graduates have received Promise Scholarships, accepted in WVU’s Honors Program, and a Presidential Scholarship at West Virginia Wesleyan. Clearly, middle school and high school students consider themselves college material. Other students have attended Carver Career Center and obtained full-time jobs upon high school graduation.
Middle school students graduating from eighth grade have had no problem enrolling in and succeeding at public high school. However, the fact is most of the eighth-grade graduates choose to continue through the Lighthouse of Learning for their high school studies. Their answer when asked the question is universally, “Why would I want to leave?”
Call 304-389-8025 and ask for Judie Smith if you would like to learn more about the Lighthouse of Learning or get details about how to enroll your child.

Judie Smith
Director/lead teacher