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Individualized, non-traditional, self-paced: this is education as it is meant to be. The Lighthouse of Learning Academy is Charleston’s option for middle school and high school students who learn in a different way than the one-size-fits-all approach in the public school and traditional private school settings.
Now, thanks to YEWA Global, a non-profit group working to improve education in its neighborhood and around the world, the Lighthouse of Learning has the opportunity to participate in a pilot program sponsored by Lincoln Learning Solutions. Lincoln Learning is a virtual school with courses tailored to all levels in math and language arts; in addition, enrichment courses range from advanced sciences to foreign languages to art and music to nutrition and personal fitness.
Online technology allows students to work at their own pace, while the teacher has the capability to intervene at any time for personal instruction. The student’s progress is observable, which is a plus for parents who are investing in the education of their children.
YEWA has donated the twenty-three laptop computers necessary for the Lighthouse of Learning students to participate. Judie Smith, the director/lead teacher at the Lighthouse, is confident the results will prove that Lincoln Learning Solutions can provide a vital service in public and private schools in the area.
The Lighthouse of Learning Academy is the educational neighbor to Bream Preschool and Charleston Montessori. This education hub is unique: almost a one-stop for a family with children from preschool to high school.
As efforts continue to revitalize Charleston’s West Side, the expanded school opportunities are a big plus. The Statts Hospital’s new facade was unveiled recently. The Bullock family was praised for taking such a risk in saving and refurbishing the historic building. Others are following Bullock Properties’ lead to breathe new life into what was once a thriving business community. The students in the Lighthouse of Learning Academy are becoming¬† more and more involved in these important efforts.
For more information about the Lighthouse of Learning Academy, call (304)-389-8025 or (304)-552-6831. Applications are being taken for next year, and the school’s rolling enrollment policy allows students to be accepted any time, including now.

Fund Raiser Uncork and Create

Lighthouse of Learning


at Uncork and Create

Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015

2 to 4 p.m.

Register on the Uncork and Create website by clicking on their website and finding our event

Our project will be the very popular West Virginia painting

This fund-raiser is important for the Lighthouse of Learning

to be able to provide a non-traditional education

that is effective and rewarding

Call 304-389-8025

for details on either the fund-raiser, financial contributions

or the school and its open enrollment policy

(After-school tutoring and enrichment activities also available)

All proceeds from the event (at $50 a person)

will go to the Lighthouse of Learning