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The Lighthouse of Learning Academy is a private school, registered with the West Virginia State Board of Education, for middle-school and high-school students in Charleston, West Virginia. The focus is on student-directed learning, and the school’s philosophy  is evident in its mission statement:

“Individualized learning options because all students are individuals.”  

When traditional learning settings don’t work and traditional learning expectations aren’t met, students are left behind – yet they take their frustrations and feelings of being misunderstood with them as they “advance” grade by grade through the school system. At some point, a crisis arises, and it becomes evident that “something” has to change.

At the Lighthouse of Learning, students learn they are appreciated for their individuality, and the focus is on helping them develop a love of learning that has either never been instilled or has been lost in the primary years of their education. Children don’t come off an assembly line, so neither should the curriculum used to teach them. All children have talents in certain areas and shortfalls in others. The best approach utilizes those talents in fostering a child’s ability and desire to learn.

Special emphasis is placed on the core skills of writing, grammar and usage, reading comprehension, and fundamental mathematics in across-the-curriculum studies. At the same time, activities involving art, music appreciation, hands-on science, technology, and physical education ensure that students get a well-rounded education.

Because learning is an active verb, hands-on learning is a key component of the curriculum.

Free of the constraints of rigid class times and multi-layered scheduling to accommodate a large number of students and teachers, the Lighthouse of Learning is in the unique position of providing an education that emphasizes the basic skills, focuses importance on 21st Century learning, and yet offers enrichment in the area of liberal arts.

Flexibility offers the opportunity for field trips, guest speakers and guest teachers, and participation in special topics of interest.

Required participation in community service activities, both school-directed and independently, helps students develop an appreciation for the community in which they live.

The end result is a student who is better prepared to handle the independence and higher-level thinking skills required of today’s young adults. Additionally, students learn personal and social responsibility.

The philosophy of the Lighthouse of Learning Academy is that it is not the school’s responsibility to merely prepare the student for the next academic grade level; it is the school’s responsibility to prepare the student for life – life beyond the classroom walls.

Lighthouse of Learning is located at 216 Washington St. West in Charleston, WV 25302.



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